Bad actress is ready to make a comeback

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If you have any questions you want to ask, you can also ask them in the comment section. Myna will collect them!Shayna herself is now deliberately downplaying her exposure.Prince Yi Zhao Xiaotang both teams are also very cooperative, hope to rely on this drama to improve traffic.Zhang Yixing is now active in acting. He doesn’t choose scripts very much and prefers partners.Baby she’s got a lot of money to spend on her team.Gu Ailing LV global spokesperson is stable, now all are in the luxury goods rush to seek cooperation at high prices.Zhao Xiaotang and Chen He are backed by the same capital, both sides will not only carry out resource replacement, but also often promote each other.Yi is likely to work with Zhang Yimou on a big screen project next.Cheng yi’s current projects are the period drama “The World is Heavy” and the modern drama “No Lawsuit before Court”.Jia Nailiang Li Xiaolu they now in addition to because of the sweet jasmine contact, other times like strangers.Twinkle, Twinkle Star is already hitting the ground running for season 2.Huang xiaoming is prone to obesity and has been eating cucumbers and carrots for a long time to lose weight.Although Chen Feiyu is unlucky, but the resources are really not lack.After Hou signed and sang, the company plans to let Zhao liying and Hou Minghao work together.Meng Meiqi and his team are waiting for the storm in the past slowly back.Song Zu ‘er she talked about several idol dramas this period of time, have not really settled.TIPS: New kids in the circle are exposed!Yang Mi Baiyu combination?Female lead in Yang Yang’s new play?Ma Sichun’s career ambition?Baby in Canada?Tao Xinran plays terrier?Want to know more, poke below card entertainment grilled ye have material have attitude, you want to eat melon here.Entertainment steakhouse brings you different behind-the-scenes gossip.Public number wanshuiqianshan always feeling a praise and see line??