Changsha based on the “strong provincial capital strategy” to improve the quality of development

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Hunan Radio “province news broadcast” audio: 00:00/02:38 New Year new atmosphere, struggle.Under the guidance of the 12th Provincial Party Congress and the spirit of the 2022 provincial “two sessions”, all cities and prefectures in Hunan will continue to forge ahead and gather forces for the construction of a modern and new Hunan.”The province’s news broadcast” special report “the powerful, to the future”, today trillions of “club” attention economy entering the city, for 14 consecutive years as “happiest cities in China” in 2021 in changsha city of changsha regional GDP growth around 7.5%, 24 signature key project overall overfulfilled annual investment,The implementation rate of 113 reform tasks and 309 measures in Changsha area of Hunan Free Trade Zone reached 92% and 93.9%, respectively. It took the lead in setting up an “Entrepreneur Day” in capital cities of central China, and ranked ninth in the “Business Environment Evaluation for ten Thousand Private Enterprises” by All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, ranking first in central China for three consecutive years…Groups of bright data fully show that changsha, the provincial capital, has shown a strong sense of responsibility in the province’s economic and social development.Changsha city mayor jian-xin zheng: “I think of the keywords is strong capital strategy, to well implement this strategy, the first is to achieve high quality and economic development of changsha, changsha to several center built: national important advanced manufacturing center, the national center for science and technology innovation, international cultural creative center, national comprehensive transportation hub, built national center city as soon as possible.”Development is of Paramount importance to people’s livelihood, and the purpose of urban development is to ensure that the people who live in these cities enjoy the greatest sense of happiness, gain and security.This year, Changsha will further increase investment in areas such as livelihood and infrastructure, vigorously promote the strategy of strengthening the city through education, implement healthy Changsha action, optimize urban spatial planning and layout, and strive to build a green and low-carbon Changsha.Changsha mayor Zheng Jianxin introduced that the development of Changsha this year can be summed up in three words: appearance level, temperament and connotation.Zheng Jianxin said:”This year, we want to the city within the scope of article 1011 of back streets, the transportation is convenient, ecological livable, multivariate inclusive, landscape features, to let people feel the city management is very delicate, we will ultimately drive the changzhutan or ring changzhutan urban circle, and even the entire province all brother city states, lead us towards a modern new hunan good goals.”Source: Hunan radio “provincial news broadcast” reporter: Liu Zhuo editor: Zhong Jiyun, Li Hao, Chu Xiong