From Daiyu’s shaking head, we can see the relationship between Baoyu and Daiyu as teachers and friends

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Fiftieth back, all the sisters in the grand view garden (including the treasure jade) in LuXueAn al poetry, dai jade, xiang cloud and treasure jean wit the most agile, in competing to al poetry, three people the most outstanding performance, the treasure jade spellbound, dai jade is pushed up to JieQiang, however, he just said, was a make-shift stopped him: “you are quick to bottom go to, you don’t use, pour delayed me.”Bao Yu always showed weakness in front of his sisters, so they all felt that he could “bully” him at will and did not speak politely to him. Xiang Yun and Dai Yu, in particular, felt that they were close to him and always spoke frankly. Bao Yu accepted their frankness.Tanchun, on the other hand, was always polite to Baoyu. Naturally, this was because of aunt Zhao. Tanchun knew that Baoyu had some bad feelings, but he was always careful and polite to Baoyu.Li wan punished Baoyu by asking miaoyu for a red plum blossom and then punished her for writing a poem.When Baoyu was writing a poem, Daiyu stood up and said, “You read it and I’ll write it.”These four words, very simple, seem to have no emotion at all, but when I think about them, they are very interesting: they are not like the way friends speak, but like a husband and wife, without formality or modal particles, but with very few words to say clearly, and in this simplicity there is a closeness.Then, After listening to the first line of Baoyu’s poem, Daiyu “shook her head” and said, “It started flat.”– Such negation is also the attitude towards one’s family in front of others, especially when the couple appear together in front of others, you are me, I am you. If praising you in public is like praising oneself, it is not appropriate to deny you properly, which is a kind of modesty and politeness relative to others.If you deny blindly, it will be boring. The next sentence, Baoyu’s poem is good, Daiyu and Xiangyun both nodded: “Some interesting.”Xiangyun was very close to Baoyu, but she was still too shy to say anything bad about him. At most, she just urged him to write quickly or said yes when he wrote well. She was not like Daiyu, and Daiyu could say no directly.Bao Yu then said the following sentence. Daiyu shook her head again: “It just happens.””– Still a simple sentence, but a fair comment.If you look at Daiyu’s three sentences together, “it starts flat”, “it’s interesting” and “it just happens”, don’t they look like a teacher commenting on students’ homework?This kind of comment, in the stern and show appreciation, in the exacting and with love.Daiyu had always been both a teacher and a friend to Baoyu. Besides, Daiyu was more of a teacher than a teacher. Baoyu always agreed with her words without judgment, even though he didn’t think so himself.In the twenty-third session, Baoyu had shaken the fallen flowers into the water, but Daiyu said it would be better to bury them in the ground. He helped her bury them immediately.In the fortieth time, Baoyu originally said that those damaged lotus leaves were annoying, while Daiyu said that she liked to “keep residual lotus leaves to listen to the sound of rain”. He immediately said: “You are right, let’s not ask someone to pull them out.”, of course, this direct evaluation of the treasure jade, but also for the master of the grand view garden is baoyu, he already has a very high position in front of a lot of people, not dai jade tree prestige for him, she just call a spade a spade, if it is in front of the boss baoyu, dai jade also know how to help him maintain dignity, in back 18 yuan spring mothering, let the treasure jade poetry,Daiyu had written a poem to him secretly, is not to let him in front of the Yuan Chun left a better impression?More importantly, Baoyu and Daiyu had the same basic ideas, and What Daiyu said sounded right to Baoyu.Teachers and students must be the same basic concept, the teacher’s words, students can listen to, otherwise, when the teacher will not affect the students.