“Your New Year’s goods arrived, please sign for it!”Reporter “change into” Courier little brother experience delivery work

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During the holiday, many people are immersed in the joy of the New Year, catching up with friends or getting together with family, but there are a group of people who are the first to greet the sunshine in the city, the ones who ride through the traffic alone, and are one of the creators of the beautiful life in the city.This Spring Festival, the reporters of Dushan Rong Media Center “changed into” sanitation workers and delivery workers, experienced their front-line work, recorded their pain and happiness with the first perspective, truly felt their hardships, and experienced their ordinary but extraordinary day.Today, our reporter will “transform” into a Courier, visit the Courier industry for five years to work in the “little brother” — Mo Daishun.Experience location: Dushan E-commerce Logistics Distribution Center and distribution locations In the annual E-commerce New Year’s Goods Festival, consumers usher in a shopping spree, while Courier boys face delivery challenges.Recently, the reporter came to Dushan e-commerce logistics distribution center, follow the footsteps of express delivery personnel, practical experience of a daily express sorting, distribution process.At 6 in the morning, the reporter comes to dushan electric business logistics distribution center suitable abundant speed luck dushan business point, under the guidance of competent personnel allocation, become the ace “express little elder brother” mo generation within the station of “the apprentice”, after a simple briefings, change ma3 jia3 journalists, with the “master” mo generation suitable opens the daily work of a day.Mo Daishun, 33 years old this year, has been engaged in the express delivery industry for 5 years and has been responsible for the distribution work of the open area for more than 3 years.At 7 o ‘clock, the delivery car from the Guiyang River transfer field arrived at the distribution center on time, Mo Daishun opened the first work of the day – unloading, unloading the parcels one by one, and then according to their own responsible area, will be the corresponding express sorting, loading., listen to the “masters” workflow, journalists set hand, I can’t wait to really learn the discovered, the work is not listening to the simple, looking at a pile of mountain like big and small area for different goods, journalists feel quite at a loss, had to be on the teacher’s “teaching” holding down slowly.Unloading finished, in the warehouse in charge of the command, large and small parcels were sent to transport belt, Courier according to their own lines began to sort.”We have to arrange the goods according to the delivery distance of the express. Today, we will first send the government affairs Hall area, and this part of the goods will be loaded last.”Mo master side of the express from the business department to the distribution of the car, while telling reporters how to put the express, and planning the most convenient delivery route.At 8 o ‘clock, after the start of the distribution “mode”, the reporter and Master Mo along the development Avenue, Stone Cow Road, one by one will be sent to the government affairs center, Jindun Building, maker building and other distribution locations, each to a place, he will contact the recipient in advance, delivered the package, signed for, the whole process is fast and orderly.Dushan between the first and the temperature is low, even wrapped, the wind will still bare targeting top blown was painful, but in the process of distribution, reporter discovery, the Courier the hardest is not cold, but waiting for, for each delivery to site, reporters will express out, and then call the consignee, according to the information on the package later, need to wait for 5 to 10 minutes of time,Before the express is delivered to the consignee.”We are not afraid of the extreme cold or heat. We are afraid that the consignee will not arrive late, and other express deliveries will be urged, so it is difficult to wait in the same place every time.”Master Mo said, the Courier work timeliness is strong, the parcel must be delivered on the same day, in order to send the goods to the consignee in time, race against time has become everyone’s normal work.After a morning’s delivery, Mo’s work has come to an end. After lunch, Mo can take a rest and wait for the start of the second sorting work.At 14 o ‘clock in the afternoon, Mo Daishun came to the logistics center again, for the second sorting work, after the sorting, he will continue to face the cold wind, the pace does not stop, riding the delivery truck full of parcels in a hurry to set out, round and round.365 days a year, no matter rain or wind, cold or hot, couriers like Mo always stick to their jobs. They never stop listening to their phones and walking dozens or even dozens of kilometers every day, just to deliver each package to the recipients on time and in good condition.Reporter’s note: as the last stop of logistics link, express little brother always with abundant energy, never stop running about on the way of delivery express.Behind the punctual and intact delivery of every package, the Courier boys sweat under the hot sun and wait in the cold wind.When receiving the express, I hope you can understand their difficulties and say thank you with a smile. I believe that we will send a warm message to the little friends of the express in the cold winter.(Bai Yudi, Wei Zongbin, Dushan Rong Media Center intern: Xiang Chunwei Jiayu)