Each 8.5!Shanxi has arrived!The novel Coronavirus Antibody Test Self-test version is available

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As the “antigen test” reagent of the novel Coronavirus supplementary test method, it has attracted public attention due to its convenience in operation and fast detection.Recently, some pharmacies in Shanxi Province have been selling novel Coronavirus antigen test kits on the shelves. The retail price is 8.5 YUAN per reagent according to the shanxi centralized procurement price.”Recently, novel Coronavirus antigen test kits have been put on the shelves in our stores. According to the national collective procurement policy, the retail price of the novel Coronavirus antigen test kits is less than RMB15. Our retail price is RMB8.5 per kit according to the collective procurement price in Shanxi.”Zhang Gai, head of a drugstore in Yanhu District, Yuncheng city, said that the novel Coronavirus antigen test sold in the drugstore costs 212.5 yuan per box, which contains 25 reagents.▲ The price of novel Coronavirus antigen test kits sold in Our province is 8.5 YUAN per unit in early March. In order to further optimize the novel Coronavirus detection strategy and serve the needs of epidemic prevention and control, the Comprehensive Group of the Joint Prevention and control mechanism of The State Council has added antigen test as a supplement on the basis of nucleic acid test.You can purchase antigen detection reagents for self-testing through retail pharmacies, online sales platforms and other channels.It is understood that the Novel Coronavirus antigen test kit is generally used for the early screening of Novel Coronavirus infection. It is mainly applicable to the following three groups of people: (1) those who have visited primary health care institutions with respiratory symptoms, fever and other symptoms within 5 days;Second, quarantine observation personnel, including home quarantine observation, close contact and sub-close contact, entry quarantine observation, containment area and control area personnel;Third, community residents with testing needs.”Recently, there are two groups of people who have purchased test strips for COVID-19. One group purchased them online, and we sent them directly to family members in high-risk or medium-risk areas.Some of them are purchased by themselves at stores, mostly at schools, so students can take the test themselves at schools.”According to Zhang Gai, the drugstore will take into account the market demand and sales situation, actively allocate supplies, further increase the number of sales stores, and ensure the arrival of more Novel Coronavirus antigen testing kits. The public can follow the online and offline trends and purchase them as needed.It should be noted that ordinary residents should carefully read the instructions and standardize the operation when conducting antigen detection.→ If the antigen test is negative, and there are no symptoms, they can be closely observed, and then antigen test or nucleic acid test when necessary;Residents with negative antigen tests but showing symptoms are advised to go to medical institutions with fever clinics as soon as possible and get nucleic acid tests;If it is inconvenient to see a doctor, they should be self-isolated at home, avoid going out and take an antigen self-test every day for 5 consecutive days.Furthermore, antigenic tests can be used as a complementary means of screening specific populations and can help to improve “early detection” capabilities, but self-test results cannot replace nucleic acid results, which remain the basis for confirming novel coronavirus infection.(New media reporter Li Qianqian video/Yang Hao) source: Shanxi Daily (reprint please specify)