(Prose) The exclamation of the garden of Green

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The world of the old village is so big that there is nothing strange about it.Take Hainan Wanlu Garden for example. It is located in the east of Longhua District, Haikou City, Hainan Province, in the middle of Binhai Avenue, with a total area of more than 10,000 mu, not including the area of inner lake.Wanlu Garden unique tropical coastal features and ecological landscape garden features.It integrates blue sky, green water, wilderness and modern high-rise buildings.Set in the heart of a city by the sea, this is perhaps the world’s rarest, free, open park.I call it: the Garden of life.Last winter, my family and I went to Hainan Wenyi to escape the cold.Before returning to Chongqing for the Spring Festival, we stopped by a hotel in Nankou city to take the next day’s plane.Having nothing to do that afternoon, I asked the hotel clerk where was the most distinctive or iconic building in the city?A handsome young waiter in uniform told them to go to Wanluyuan, where is very interesting.I said, thank you!He spoke with a tinge of pride.So, out of the door, I and my wife and five-year-old boy, took a taxi straight to the middle of the binhai Avenue wanluyuan.I like landscape, like outing, more like into nature, to enjoy a variety of different styles of beautiful scenery.In the past, 30 years ago, I heard about Hainan’s reform and opening-up from media reports.Praise it as the sun belt, the front line of China’s reform and a good place to make money.Into such a large Wanlu Garden, my mood suddenly relaxed up, wow, how beautiful scenery ah!Indeed, facing the sea, with spring blossoms.You see, the rows of horizontal and vertical into the forest, strewn at random coconut trees, is the main tone of wanlu Park.Wander into the depths, but you can see patches of green land, surrounded by a variety of well-designed flower gardens, luxuriant flowers and plants, really can be described as birds’ twitter and fragrance of flowers.There are also a lot of fitness equipment and plastic track.When I learned that the garden was filled out by the industrious, brave and wise Hainanese, I gave them a big compliment from my heart.In those days, the foolish old man removed mountains, but now the Hainanese reclaim the sea to build their own beautiful homeland. This spirit is worth passing on from generation to generation.At this time, when I immediately opened my smart phone and looked up the information, I found that the park is mainly hainan tropical ornamental plants, but also the value of tropical and subtropical ornamental plants at home and abroad, full of tropical scenery, coastal characteristics, international tourist attractions.Wanlu Garden is divided into sixteen scenic spots and many scenic spots, landscape changeful, rich in content.There are gate area, square area, inner lake area, children’s recreation area, lawn area, bamboo area and golf driving range.When we came to the children’s play area, but see many children in the inside happily playing.Some in bumper cars, some in skywheels, and some in dragon boats.Next to a fitness equipment, I saw a six-year-old boy, in the company of grandparents, on the parallel bars as light as yan, flying up and down, some difficult movements and skills, is the adults are too.At this point, I went forward to stretch out the thumb praise way, good good, good fierce boy.The child’s grandfather proudly said that his grandson had been turning over and over here since he was three years old, and liked to play with knives and guns.He also said his grandson loves watching war movies and wants to be a special forces soldier to defend the country when he grows up.At this moment, I really understand, what is the achievement in the present, future benefits.Children are the flowers, hope and future of our country.This shows that the local party and government have originality.Foresight.Different people have different happiness index.But green home, is the most basic living environment.Only in this way can they have a sense of belonging and honor.At dusk, haikou city lights up, we enjoyed a beautiful and charming night scene, then reluctantly left.In the neon bright dazzling set off, wanlu Garden is more colorful, full of dreams.That night, I couldn’t sleep.In my mind, nowadays, some big cities are engaged in real estate development. In order to make black money, some people sacrifice the ecological environment at the cost of indiscriminate cutting and cutting, expropriating the only green space in the city, which makes the residents complain.There is an example in my hometown. There is a miniature park called Meibao in the middle of the ring road in the city.Especially in the winter of the year, plum fragrance, refreshing, very dazzling, adorable, just like a scenery.But a few years ago, a developer in this geomantic treasure, demolished the Meibao Meiyuan, building, to build a forest of tall buildings.This matter, when the joint report by local residents, so that developers gave up this indecent, also unpopular move.Mayburg was not restored, but a square was built.That is to say, from now on, the local residents no longer see green areas, hear the song of kingfisher, which is a great sadness.The next day, my family boarded the plane on a pre-booked flight.In the cabin, my heart can not calm for a long time, with the help of the hanging window, overlooking the beautiful city of Haikou, my heart is still surging, myriad of thoughts.Can not help but sigh, if every city like Haikou city, that should have how good ah!About the author: Ding Youcheng, member of the whole Committee of Chongqing Writers Association.# Mediaman Weekly