Xianyang Mengyuan Vocational School has actively carried out online teaching

2022-07-24 0 By

Classes will not be suspended. In order to ensure the orderly progress of online teaching, Xianyang Mengyuan Vocational School held a meeting on online teaching deployment, and arranged the prevention and control of the epidemic at home and online teaching for students.On March 16, Xianyang Mengyuan Vocational School actively carried out online teaching.Every Wednesday morning reading is the school’s big ideological and political class, the children carefully watch videos to learn.The section teacher entered the class ten minutes in advance to check the students and delivered the lecture live. The students listened carefully and took notes.For those students who could not go home due to the epidemic, the school organized online classes in the teaching building. Students listened carefully, understood the meaning of every word of the teacher, took notes in class, and did not want to miss any knowledge points.Looking at mobile phones or computers for a long time will cause children’s eyesight to deteriorate. During the online teaching period, the school organizes students to do eye exercises between classes every morning and afternoon.The epidemic is also a test and challenge for students. We hope that students can develop a healthy attitude, good habits and strong will during their study at home.During the epidemic prevention and control, learning and growing together online will be an unforgettable life experience.Author: Wang Ting