Art examinee how sprint culture class: to attain the college entrance examination three repeat institutions

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For most art students, high school spent a lot of time on the specialized courses, to review the academic investment of time and energy are small, but the art for art students in colleges and universities are slowly getting high academic requirements, how to sprint the literacy class of art examinee is most art examinee concerns,As well as in the annual college entrance examination there are many because of the cultural course score reasons, and the ideal institutions pass by the arts candidates, for the third year of re-reading institutions they should choose?Target, understand the school art students in the back to the classroom to review the academic first step is to determine an own goal, to have goals to have power, mostly art examinee no goals lead to they don’t know how to learn, so art examinee culture sprint phase, according to their own professional and cultural strength, identify targets several colleges and universities,The target institutions can not be too idealistic or too simple, some arts candidates cultural course results are not good, professional is not too good, but to set their own goal is similar to the China Academy of Art such a first-class institutions, it is a bit unrealistic, art candidates should be combined with their own actual level to set goals.Secondly, it is to understand the academic year for the arts examinee cultural course set score line, the number of recruits about how many, for each province’s score is how to calculate, combined with these know how much cultural course.Wuhan art student academic planning, solid foundation art examinee culture sprint phase and a more efficient way is to develop a plan of study, majoring in arts examinees end, just returned to the classroom, there might be for new knowledge don’t understand, for the old knowledge are not ripe, etc., so every day didn’t work, the study produced naturally abandon,Learning is not “eat a fat”, art candidates cultural class in the review stage pay attention to is step by step, so art candidates to make a good plan, accurate to every hour to learn which subject which chapter, on time to complete their own set of plans.Followed by art in the sprint phase literacy class examinee more should pay attention to the basis of learning and training, for mostly art examinee, basic knowledge is not solid, but in every year the university entrance exam, underlying topic has accounted for about seventy percent, and for art students academic division requires is lower than the examinee’s, so art examinee foundation is very important.There are inevitably many arts candidates in the annual college entrance examination because of the failure of the cultural course, will find a professional third year re-reading institutions, but for re-reading institutions, parents and art candidates themselves how to choose?First is to see the brand and reputation in the local institutions, consulting the senior senior choice of calendar year review agencies which, effect how, whether for art students academic scores really improved, followed by teachers, teacher’s abundant not experienced, for art examinee how academic sprint course arrangement.