Look!She brought the Olympic sports ICONS to life

2022-08-04 0 By

The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics will soon begin.The world’s ice and snow athletes are looking forward to the ice and snow festival can not go to the scene of the netizens are also ready to come up with all kinds of ways to cheer for the Winter Olympics today invited such a talented little sister look!24 sports ICONS of Beijing Winter Olympics come alive!
Look at her “a pedal day” excellent flexibility even set skilled movements in the mind of every dance deducing the wonderful games project dynamic feels dye-in-the-wood home of airing, since the shaft, and the properties of pillow can be her novel and interesting lady from tianjin is an aerial acrobats likes interesting video shooting to imitate the winter sports icon she said:”I hope to let more people know about the Winter Olympics through my performance, and I can cheer for the Winter Olympics at home!”After watching her video, did your passion for ice and snow ignite?