Shan He Yue Ming: all cast perfect, special starring actor but bad reviews, image acting are people out of play

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Costume dramas are not rare in recent years, but their reputation is uneven. In 2021, “The Wind Rises Luoyang” was huge, but it was a little weak, and many fans abandoned the drama early.Besides, although this year “Mirror · Twin Cities” word-of-mouth is not satisfactory, fortunately, there is a follow-up “Meet you” into the audience vision, from the special effects to the plot are up to expectations, Dilieba and Ren Jialun’s acting is also quite recognized.And on the star play also appeared a Chen Baoguo starring “mountains and Rivers moon Ming”, the play belongs to a typical costume historical play, the interpretation of the Ming dynasty changes, and the growth of young Zhu Di, the structure is clear and rich depth.Under the direction of Gao Xixi, the vast military scene and the magnificent hall are presented completely, the play is a collection of many drama bone characters, can be called perfect casting.Each major drama bone gathers, biao play scene is too amazing “mountains and rivers moon Ming” the most worthy of a blow should be invited to the old drama bone Chen Baoguo, in those days a “big house” make its fame, acting was recognized, it is each major awards to get soft.In the new play, Chen Baoguo is playing Zhu Yuanzhang this historical figure, after all, has a lot of performing arts experience, Chen Baoguo with a sense of vicissitudes of life and majesty, even if there is no action, will give a person not angry from the feeling, aura full marks.After the next dynasty, Zhu Yuanzhang would still be in trouble because of government affairs, and he could not help frowning when talking with his wife. His eyes were filled with melancholy, showing the character’s deep thoughts.Very not easy to have a moment to relax, or could not help but talk about trifles with the family, leisure attitude, but is still in the state of thinking, the emperor’s difficulties portrayed to the extreme.Wang Ji’s portrayal of Empress Ma is also impressive. She and the emperor are like ordinary people, and the mood is soft when mending clothes.To see her husband because of the political upset, is also the first to stand out, say the proposal of marriage, eyes calm and gentle, not only to show the mood, but also the role to stand.There is Zhang Fengyi and Chen Baoguo strength is comparable to the emperor, the play is a general, governance soldiers serious to, the facial expression is very rigorous can not relax, sitting there is also full of energy.The general in the return to the family is more naive, and the children secretly eat roast goose with a brilliant smile, after the eldest daughter found it is also rare some embarrassment, a clear interpretation of the role of contrast, acting is a must.And Zhang Fengyi and Chen Baoguo’s counterplay is also quite wonderful, like ordinary brothers, showing a very life of the state, the level of acting in minutes will be replaced by the audience.Even the supporting role is not much, playing the role of South Korea lee good long Wang Qingxiang also participated in the “Ming Dynasty 1566”, although the lens is not much, but about the lines are sonor powerful, eyes firm, easy to interpret the role complete.Young actors acting young, was questioned the above several drama bone characters, with a strong performance to prove that their precious sword is not old, but after years of baptism more introverted temperament, faded impetuous, the role will be interpreted complete.But unexpectedly, the show’s two special stars have been criticized for their image and acting. What’s going on?First, the actor Cheng Yi, his costume is good in the small life, after all, he himself is also because of the “Glass” out of the circle, but the shape of the play is too close to the face, so that many viewers can not walk out, see Cheng Yi dream of “glass” feeling.And acting, Cheng Yi is also more to take hands, especially the crying scene, every time the abuse of everyone liver pain, but in the new play, Cheng Yi face but Chen Baoguo such a character, will inevitably be some cowardly.Because of truancy was found, Cheng Yi played Zhu Di was punished kneeling on the ground, eyes neither humble nor pushy, but some of the mood in performance, too want to show acting, but some counterproductive, his eyes disorderly glance line some impetuous, acting or there is greater room for progress.The bigger problem is that the young actress Yuting, she starred in the cyclone girl in 2015, looks pure atmosphere, even more eye-catching than the female lead, it is true that some amazing.But to this costume drama, yuting son appearance level on some abuses are exposed, without the lasting appeal of the ancients, too modern, makeup can not give her how much blessing, as if the whole person is not in the play.Especially the double eyelid, I don’t know whether it is pasted or other reasons, it is very abrupt on her eyes, when she lowers her eyes, everyone’s attention is completely not put in the play.When watching, there are already a lot of bullet screen users feel yuting acting problems, and this role is not only to wen Wan close, but also need a kind of indomitable spirit.But yuting son’s performance is, staring innocent eyes, but there is no emotion in the fundus, is unusual wooden dull, acting is a routine, and then slow down, straight let a person worried.With the depth of the plot, it can also be found that in fact yuting son to maintain facial immovable reason is, as long as a little do facial expression, the face directly collapsed.Because want to highlight big miss bearing, Yuting son when calling people, more than a few minutes of harsh color, but the performance desire is too exuberant, resulting in excessive force, true is extremely embarrassing.On the whole, Mountains, Rivers and Moon mingles family and family life together, which makes the show a lot of fun. It’s amazing to see all the old cast members come together to help.And the young actors in the play, acting is indeed a little inferior, young many, but now the play is only broadcast 3 episodes, may as the development of the plot, will bring more wonderful performance, we can look forward to it.